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I wanted to send you guys a very sincere THANK YOU regarding my recent order from Coastal Scents. I've been ordering from your company for years now, and I'm just more and more impressed by not only your products but also the incredible service and care in which you send our orders. This was especially exemplified on this last order...in the period of one week I made three orders from three cosmetic companies; ULTA.com, Haute Look, and the last order I made was from Coastal Scents. Not only did I receive the package from Coastal Scents first, within a few days of my order, but the difference in the packaging between your box and the box from "Major Brand Store Ulta" was almost COMICAL. The box itself was beautiful, designed like a gift, because you take the time to realize that these orders are GIFTS in our eyes and we very much look forward and anticipate the arrival of our orders. Every single item that I ordered from Coastal Scents was individually wrapped, and products that were more fragile, such as eye shadows were so encased with multiple layers of bubble wrap, cushion lining, plastic, more bubble wrap, that I'm pretty sure someone could have dropped the package from my roof without breakage. And this care was taken on an $11 palette and $2 shadow. Whereas, the items from ULTA which were anywhere from $20-$45 a piece were simply thrown in a brown cardboard box, which was too small for my order, without any padding, and covered with a piece of butcher paper. Thank you Coastal Scents! I really appreciate that you value and recognize the importance of my dollar and order from my eyes and you make the entire process pleasant and fun. I've NEVER received even the smallest damaged item from your company. In every facet, you show the customer that you care and value them, from your boxes, the way you expedite shipping, the samples you include (they are actually awesome to use unlike the small packets of 'whatever' lotion that ULTA and SEPHORA act like are such a gift'), and the quality of your product. I honestly spent so much more time looking at all the colors and quality of your palettes than the high-end products that I ordered from Ulta. I think that's because the fact that you so cared about how your items reached me, influenced the way I saw your palettes. I cannot wait to order more items from you (including your new beautiful blushes the next time they go on sale). You are an amazing company and I really thank you for your treatment of me as a customer.

Posted by Fotini Walton on 2014-09-25

Thank you costal scent. I just received my hot pots order . All the colors are so gorgeous . I love them

Posted by kanwal on 2014-09-25

I love me some Coastal Scents!!! I've purchased their smokey brush set and now awaiting the arrival of my 22Pc Brush Set....From the great experience I'm having with their Smokey Eye Brush Kit I can't wait to try those! Oh and the Eyeshadow are lovely...very pigmented for such an affordable price! Trez I.

Posted by Tressica Isaacs on 2014-09-25

I just recently purchased Coastal Scents for my first time and it is better than I expected! I had heard some gurus rave about it on youtube and finally decided to try it for myself. I purchased a 28 neutral palette, 88 warm palette, 15 eclipse concealer palette, the citi scape travel brush set, pro blending fluff brush, bionic flat top buffer, 40 hot pots in various neutral colors, along with a 28 and 12 customer palette with the clear lid. All of the shadows are to die for! Even the ones that claim to be sheer are still nicely pigmented, very buildable, easy to work with, and easy to blend. Purchasing the hot pots was my first time being single eye shadows and I didn't realize how nice and convenient it is to build my own palette with colors that I enjoy, use and can easily repurchase without having to buy an entire palette again. The clear lid custom palettes are also very useful. As a makeup artist that is on the go doing my own makeup and others, it is nice being able to see automatically which palette contains which shades. Finally, the brushes. I must say I did not expect these brushes to be as amazing as they are for the prices. These brushes are all so soft and dense. I used to apply my foundation with a flat top brush but then switched to the beauty blender application method because I kept getting unwanted brush strokes which would not go away no matter how little foundation I used or how much powder I applied. After finding the flat top buffer, I decided to try that as a foundation brush because I thought it would be comparable to the sigma F-80 flat top kabuki which I found it to be a complete dupe! This brush is now my holy grail for foundation application and I have not reached for my beauty blender since I received this brush. I will definitely be purchasing more along with this pro blending fluff brush. This has become my all time favorite brush for applying my crease color and blending it out. The travel brush set is also very nice and fantastic quality. The brushes come in a nice zipper travel case with a mesh, zipper pocket inside. This is honestly the perfect travel brush set! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about any of these products in the smallest bit. You are truly missing out and hurting yourself if you do not purchase these products to try!I look forward to purchasing more brushes and shadows along with trying the foundations and blushes.

Posted by Courtney on 2014-09-25

Thank You Coastal Scents for delivering my first package in 6 days in perfect condition! I love how each palette comes with individual bubble wrap for extra protection! Eyeshadow texture is great and pigmentation, on point! I will for sure be ordering very soon! ^_^

Posted by Evelyn on 2014-09-25

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