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Coastal Scents is just AMAZING! I've been buying makeup from them for a while and I will definitely keep coming back - a huge reason is because of the excellent customer service, specifically one agent. She was super helpful! I had a problem with an order and she was so quick to respond, very polite and simply a delight to deal with! Thank you Coastal Scents! Keep the amazing deals coming! We love the makeup!

Posted by Tanya Swetta on 2015-02-12

I must say that I had an obsession for the potted Mac eye shadows but then I discovered coastal scents hot pots and that is ALL I EVER USE. They are affordable, long wearing, a variety of colors and very pigmented and great for makeup artists on the go. Also Coastal scents hot pots are perfect for people who are just learning to use makeup for the first time but do not want to spend tons of money on colors they are not sure of. I found the staying power in these to be better than most high end brands! I just bought the blush palette I am excited to try it!

Posted by Anna on 2015-01-26

This was my first time ordering from Coastal Scents and I will be ordering again! I was expecting a long wait for this package considering it was coming to Canada but it took less than 2 weeks! I am very surprised at how fast it was shipped. As for the palette I ordered (Revealed palette) the quality was outstanding! I was extremely shocked to see how pigmented these shadows are, really a fantastic product. Also I got an adorable sample of 4 eyeshadows (: Thanks for the amazing items

Posted by Stacie on 2015-01-26

There aren't many companies that I feel so strongly about that I feel the need to write a testimonial. CoastalScents is one of those companies. I really don't have any budget for makeup, at all, so spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars on premium makeup from the big names in the industry is completely out of the question and, fortunately, totally unnecessary. I'm not a makeup aficionado, just a regular woman who wears it on the weekends but still wants it to look awesome. I read a testimonial a few years ago about the quality and value of the products you produce. After one order, I was hooked. I will never, ever, buy shadow/blush/brushes/etc. from a drugstore or department store again. The pigmenting and colors of the makeup is amazing. The prices are so low that I don't know if anyone who hasn't tried you would believe the quality level is so high! The shipping is so fast. And your packing is really fantastic - I think the mailman could have spiked my box and nothing would have broken. Thank you for providing such a great product/service at such an affordable price. I can't wait to try my new brushes!

Posted by Amy B. on 2015-01-26

I've ordered from your company 3 times now and each time I was impressed by how the items were packaged and the order was shipped to Australia within a reasonable time, the best part is your products are truly amazing. The quality of the shadows are outstanding, the range of colours, pigment, texture and price is amazing! I'm also happy with the brushes and haven't had any issues with shedding it's simply that good! Thankyou so much from a very happy customer.

Posted by Amanda Lisa on 2015-01-16

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