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20 March 2017

       Do you need Hot Pot Custom Palette inspiration? We've put together a few of our favorite Custom Palettes below! Choose from Neutral, Peachy, Trendy, Smoky, and Bold. You can create your own custom palette in One, Twelve, and Twenty Eight sizes here. With hundreds of Hot Pots to choose from, your options are endless!    SHOP THE POST NEUTRAL: Candlelight, Chamois Nude, Light Apricot, Ashen, Reef Sand, Mauve, Light Taupe, Midnight Rodeo, Victorian Pear, Cherry Moss, Concrete Jungle, Berry Grey PEACHY: Pink Silver, Pale Nude, Bronze Peach, Peachy Keen, Oktoberfest, Atomic Apricot, Peachy Copper, Cherry Chocolate, Deep Eggplant, Profound Plum, New Penny, Chocolatier TRENDY: Mai Tai, Fine Wine, Caramel, Olivewood, Antique Maroon, Barista, Electric Blue, Kokomo Cafe, Dark Golden Olive, Panama Rose, Black Berry, Vintage Burgundy SMOKY: Ivory...

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09 March 2017

       Today's post features an incredible all-in-one palette that has endless possibilities! Scroll down for customer reviews of the Blush and Bronzer Palette, swatches, and the brushes that pair perfectly.     For additional details, check out the video below!   Shop: Blush and Bronzer Palette Classic Blush Angle Brush Large Synthetic Classic Stippling Brush Small Synthetic Classic Angled Powder Brush Natural   Follow Coastal Scents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to be the first to know about sales and new product releases. Share your looks featuring our products using #CoastalScents, we love to see you!

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Eyeliner Tips & Tricks
07 March 2017

Today we're talking all about eyeliner! From our favorite tips and tricks, to the perfect brushes, and the products you need. It's all below! Do you have any tips and tricks you would like to share? Let us know in the comments! SHOP THE POST: 1 Classic Bent Liner Brush Synthetic 2 Classic Bent Liner Brush Natural 3 Classic Angled Liner Brush Medium Synthetic 4 Classic Fine Liner Brush Natural  5 Classic Detail Mini Brush Natural  6 Classic Detail Pointed Brush Synthetic  7 Classic Smudge Sponge  8 Classic Angled Liner Brush Large Natural  9 Classic Flat Liner Brush Natural 10 Divine Line Gel Eyeliners 11 Liquid Eyeliners 12 Xpress Line Pencils Follow Coastal Scents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to be the first to know about new product releases, sales and...

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252 Ultimate Palette
03 March 2017

       Today's post features the 252 Ultimate Palette and our amazing Reference Guide, which provides you with all the information you need to find the full size Hot Pots of your favorite 252 eyeshadows! Scroll down to learn how to use this guide in just three easy steps. We've also included our Custom Palettes in this post. They're the perfect home for your Hot Pots!       Shop The Post: 252 Ultimate Palette Coastal Scents Hot Pot Eyeshadows Custom Palette: 28 Shadows with Clear Lid Custom Palette: 28 Shadows Custom Palette: 12 Shadows with Clear Lid Custom Palette: 12 Shadows Go Pod Custom Palette: 4 Shadows Follow Coastal Scents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to be the first to know about sales, new product releases, and more. Use #CoastalScents...

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Makeup Recommendations by Eye Color
01 March 2017

       Using the right makeup for your eye color is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty! We've selected our favorite makeup products for every eye color below. From blush to bronzer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, the products you need have all been hand selected just for you. Make sure to share your looks featuring our products using #CoastalScents, we love to see you! You'll find us on all platforms @CoastalScents.           SHOP THE POST: Blush and Bronzer Palette Forever Blush in “Fresh" SocialEYES Palette from the StyleEYES Collection Caramel Ice, Coral Pink, Reef Coral Lip Quad in “Sun Kissed” Passport Palette in “Tokyo” Gypsy Silver, Navy Baby, Platinum Blue Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencil in “Green” Sun Tones Bronzer in “Light” Lipstick in “Lipstick...

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