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How To Achieve Perfect Brows
17 April 2017

      In today's post we're sharing the products you need to create brows that wow! All of the products featured can be customized to create the color, shape, and style brow that is just right for you. Scroll down for affordable, high quality brow products. Then, check out the links below to shop! #CoastalScents

Classic Lash Brow Comb
Brow Palette
Angled Brushes
Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencils
Divine Line Gel Eyeliners
Nude Hot Pot
Pink Silver Hot Pot
Reef Sand Hot Pot
Chamois Nude Hot Pot
Nectar Hot Pot
Caramel Ice Hot Pot
Sand Dune Hot Pot
Caramel Hot Pot
Caramelized Hot Pot
Light Bronze Hot Pot

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