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The Perfect Blush For Your Skin Tone
25 May 2017

       For light skin tones, choose blush shades that have baby pink and sun kissed hues. These colors will leave you with a lively and youthful appearance. Fresh and Poetic are perfect for a natural look. Sweet, Charming, and Beautiful will help you to achieve a more polished and dynamic appearance. Use a light hand when applying blush, as light skin tends to require less of an application when compared to medium and dark skin tones. 

Soft peach - Matte

Rosy nude - Satin

 Peony pink - Satin

Soft violet - Matte

Baby pink - Matte

       Deeper corals and pink shades make medium skin tones pop! This is also the most versatile skin tone family when it comes to blush, making it difficult to find a shade that will leave you looking anything but stunning. For natural looks, opt for Delicate, Romantic, and Glamorous. For a "done-up" night time look, choose more vibrant shades like Lovely, Elegant, and Passionate.

Golden peach - Shimmer

Berry rose - Matte

Rose petal pink - Satin

Coral pink - Shimmer

Watermelon hues - Satin

Soft burgundy - Matte

       RIchly pigmented shades blushes bring out the glow of dark skin tones and will leave you with a fresh and lively look. For natural daytime styles, opt for shades like DashingRoyal, and Graceful, which will enhance your natural skin tone beautifully. To make a statement and truly stand out, go bold with Alluring, Radiant, Enchanting, and Exquisite. These shades are sure to make your vibrant cheek bones the center of attention!

Warm bronze - Shimmer

Muted berry - Matte

Hibiscus hues - Matte

Fuchsia pink - Satin

Coral red - Satin

Cotton candy pink - Matte

Vibrant berry - Matte

In search of a blush brush that will provide you with a beautifully blended application? Check out our picks below!

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Melissa M. May 25, 2017

Great list! I love these blushes!

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