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15 June 2017

       Are you traveling this summer? Take Coastal Scents with you! Today's post features all of the essential products for a vacation ready makeup look. Shop by location below for a look fit for your vacation destination. Share your travel makeup looks featuring our products using #CoastalScents, we love to see you!


Explore the beautiful beaches and coral reefs of Bali with a look inspired by the vibrant scenery! The orange hues in this palette will bring out the warm tones in your summer tan. Use the brown shades to enhance your crease and the lightest shades as a brow highlight. Finish your look with the Scarlet Lip Tube, and Forever Blush in Poetic, to bring out the color in your sunkissed cheeks.

Start your trip with a makeup look fit for royalty for your visit to Buckingham Palace! The smoky tones in this palette will ensure your look is all about the eyes. The Burgundy Lip Tube is the ideal shade for an afternoon tea, complimented by Forever Blush in Romantic. 

For a picture perfect makeup look while exploring the Eiffel Tower and enjoying amazing macaroons, go for an elegantly feminine look. Apply the pink shades on your crease, and the purple shades in your outer corner and lash line. The Rouge Lip Tube will add the ideal wash of color to your lips. Finish your look with Forever Blush in Sweet, for cheeks as charming as this chic city!

Enjoy your seaside vacation with eyeshadows specially chosen to compliment the colors of this sprawling city. Apply light brown and green hues to your lid, then deeper browns and the dark blue shade for an eye look as captivating as Guanabara Bay. The Bordeaux Lip Tube is ideal for taking your look from day to night, and Forever Blush in Beautiful builds easily making it appropriate for every vacation look you could imagine!

Visit the Colosseum with a look inspired by Roman achitecture. The brown, smoky tones of this palette emulate colors you'll find while visiting all of the famous landmarks that make Rome incredibly unique. The Amethyst Lip Tube will provide you with a light, peachy-pink wash of color, and Forever Blush in Charming will add a fun touch of color to an otherwise neutral look!

While visiting one of the most photographed landmarks in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, create a look that will always be in style! The peachy and neutral hues are sure to give you a youthful, lively appearance. Next, apply the Fuchsia Lip Tube to bring out your natural lip color for a "bumped up" natural look. Finish with Forever Blush in Delicate to tie the whole look together!

The lush greenery of this island is the perfect inspiration for a tropical makeup look!  Use the peach and white shades to brighten your inner corners, the green and blue shades on your lid, and the darker shades to enhance you eye shape. Follow up with the Coral Lip Tube and Forever Blush in Dashing to bright out your vacation glow. 

For a city that is mixed with both modern design and historic landmarks, choose a look that is well-suited for your diverse travel itenerary. Use this palette for natural looks throughout the day, and bold, smoky looks for night activities. The Crystal Lip Tube will enhance your natural lip color with vibrant shine, and Forever Blush in Elegant is sure to make you feel truly glamorous, wherever you go!

The NEW Essential Brush Sets for a perfect vacation look...

Just released! The 4 Eyes Bush Set and 4 Face Brush Set are new additions to the Coastal Scents Brush Set Collections. They're complete with oak handles, and wonderfully lush synthetic bristles. Keep scrolling to view even more details on what these brush sets have to offer!

Both brush sets are complete with an enclosed zip up canvas case and a snap closure pocket. These features make them perfect for on-the-go & travel use! Include your essential makeup favorites for touchups throughout the day. Share your must have Coastal Scents products in the comments!

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