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Empty Palette: 4 Shadows with Mirror
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Product Description

The 4 Piece Empty Palettes are matte black, contain a full-sized mirror and a dual-tipped brush applicator ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. This palette also contains magnets that hold up to four Hot Pots or empty 26mm pans at a time. The upper-right corner of each pan mold is scooped out for easy removal and replacement.

NOTE: MAC pans will not magnetize to our Empty Palettes or Go Pods due to the magnet's polarity. Eye Shadows not included. Empty palette only.

Dimensions: Palette: Length 3.22" (8.2cm), 3.31" (8.4cm), 0.62" (1.6cm) Mirror: Length 2.72" (6.9cm), Width 2.72" (6.9cm), Slot Diameter: 26mm

SKU: PL-050 / UPC: 812158023196

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Tatiana R.
Citrus Heights, CA

The BEST TIP EVER!! For switching shadows out of this palette! Or any palette actually..

So I’ve noticed that a lot of customers have left reviews on here stating that they absolutely LOVE this little empty quad palette situation, BUT.. They are having a REALLY HARD time removing &/or switching out their hot pot pan shadows from this quad because they can’t (easily or gently) get ahold of the pans again after the pans are inside the palette. These palettes don’t have the little “cut-out groove-thingies” carved out of the side of each of the 4 pans’ holes, unlike the rest of the larger palettes from Coastal Scents, which all have the “cut-out groove-thingies” carved out of the side of each of the pan holes... (Just a quick FYI: I don’t know the real name they use for the “cut-out groove-thingies”.. so I’m using my own made-up word⤴️, so I can write this review and share my tip with all of you.. Im hoping it will still make sense to you & will save you from all the frustration I went through.) Sooo, because the “cut-out-groovy things” are not built into the quads, people are having to resort to using; sticker strips, thin needles, “depotting-spatulas”, knives, a handful of prayers, etc. to get the shadows out of the quad when they want to switch up their shadows. Unfortunately, these methods can warp &/or dent your shadow pans or break/shatter them entirely! I have had the same issues with switching shadows out of almost every other empty palette from most of the large companies that sell empty palettes that don’t have a carved out portion on the side of each hole. I have ruined or damaged SO many shadows while “switching shadows.” MY SOLUTION: I have found a WONDERFUL TOOL to solve this issue!! I found a cool tool that easily switches out any of your shadows from any palette easily and without damage! It’s made by Inglot Cosmetics & can be bought from them directly online. I’ve also seen that Inglot is sold in some MACY’S stores & on MACY’S website too. I’m sure it’s also sold at other stores/retailers, but these are the two places I personally know of. This tool is basically a really strong magnet with a little “handle” (place for you to hold onto it.) The Inglot depotting tool is a strong square magnet because Inglot shadows are square. This tool works on almost ALL shadows though, because the square magnet is larger than the makeup industries standard round shadow pans, so the tool pick up the shadows easily with ZERO DAMAGE! (the makeup industries standard full sized eyeshadow pan is a 26mm round shadow pan. This is the size of all full sized eyeshadows from Coastal Scents, MAC, Colourpop, ABH, & MUG, to just name a few.) The very best & coolest part?!?!?! I BELIEVE THE LAST TIME I BOUGHT THE TOOL IT COST ME $1.00!!! One Dollar! The price of half a Coastal Scents shadow! And it will save your shadows (as well as saving you the frustration, fear of broken shadows & wasted time.) I say it works on ALMOST any shadow because I personally haven’t tried it with larger eyeshadow pans yet (like Suva, Sugarpill, etc.) & I haven’t yet needed it to switch out any of my refill blush, bronzer or highlighter pans. It might also work beautifully with those larger pans too? Im just not comfortable saying that it does yet, since I haven’t tried it myself. I do plan on trying it with my larger pans. After I use the tool successfully, multiple times & with zero damage, on my large pans, I will come back and edit this review or write a second one to let you know how it went. Now, as for the tool itself, I’m sure that any super strong or Pro magnet would do the same exact thing as long as the magnet was the same size or larger than your eyeshadow. Im suggesting the Inglot tool though instead because I KNOW it works, it’s got a “handle” & its SUPER DUPER CHEAP! So thats my solution!!! I hope everyone who has this palette sees this & it helps you out!! Or, at the very least, I hope this can help everyone who’s going to buy it or who’s thinking about buying it, cause with this tool, it makes this palette 100% amazing and affordable!! Hope this helps!!

Rita Hughett

Difficult to switch colors!

I own two of these and love them except for one major problem. It is very difficult to change the hot pots/colors or put in refills. I like these little cases and they are perfect for traveling but. When I want to change colors to go with my outfit........ugggg it is not pretty!!! I figured out a way to make it easier. Cut a small strip of sticker paper.....you know that peel off paper ...like bumper stickers. Stick it across the center bottom of the hot pot leaving about a half inch sticking up. Now insert your hot pot and when you want to change colors or put a refill in just pull on the tab you made and out it comes! Easy - peasy!!! This makes it so much easier. I know.....it's a pain in the rear because you will need to do this every time you decide to go with a different color. But trust me it will save so much frustration when you are trying to dig out those pans. Anyway....it worked for me.

Zella Napier
United States

Not to shabby

I really like having this for on the go use, my only main problem with it is that the magnets under where the pans sit at the bottom doesn't cover the entire bottom of the pan like with the full sized palettes, this makes easier for the eyeshadows to fall out if it gets knocked hard enough, But beside that i really like it and it pretty sturdy and good quality.

Jonquila M.
United States

Needed an empty palette

I love it. Keeps the shadows from moving around.

United States

Perfect pallet

Will be purchasing More

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