About Us

We are experienced in making Bath and Beauty Products since 2005 and we are constantly broadening our knowledge. Our extensive background in Retail and Customer Service helps us to serve our customers even better. We have worked with some huge companies behind the scenes such as: Martha Stewart, Hitachi, Morton Salt, as well as schools and universities.
We not only sell ready made products, but also the ingredients to make your own. Most products are purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer and repackaged in smaller sizes to make them affordable to smaller companies or personal use. We strive to save you time and shipping costs that occur from having to buy products at several different locations.
Customer suggestions are welcome, we are geared to accommodating a priority customer demand.
Coastal Scents does not test products on animals and only support suppliers that do the same. All the products Coastal Scents carries are produced cruelty free and no animals are harmed. Even though some companies still test on animals, Coastal Scents believes that it is unnecessary and unethical.
As a company with many natural products, we also help our environment by recycling.